She Makes Comics


Comics are often considered a boys’ club, with male creators telling the story of male heroes to a male audience. Female fans and creators have been gaining more attention recently, but women have actually been an integral part of the medium since its beginnings.

This film will celebrate eighty years of female creators telling amazing stories in comics. From early superhero artists like Ramona Fradon to iconoclastic 60s creators like Joyce Farmer, from 80s innovators like Karen Berger to present day writers like Kelly Sue DeConnick, the film will let female creators tell their stories.

The film is currently in production and will be released in early 2015.

Director: Marisa Stotter Director of Photography: Jordan Rennert Producers: Jordan Rennert, Patrick Meaney, Marisa Stotter Executive Producers: Mike Phillips, Julian Darius Editor: Marisa Stotter, Patrick Meaney