Trip House

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Four estranged friends are reunited to spend the night in a time bending, haunted house that forces them to confront their deepest fears and a collective trauma that has ruined all their lives.


Trip House is the first narrative feature film from Respect Films. Watch it here.

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Praise for House of Demons:

“Intense character dissections and great performances are what you’re going to get when you enter this House of Demons” – Mark Miller, Aint It Cool News

Impressive…sure to delight indie horror audiences everywhere.” - Dan Light, The Huffington Post

Patrick Meaney’s film House of Demons is a gem…It will end up a touchstone film for many people for years to come.” - Steve Kopian, Unseen Films 

The deeper the movie goes the scarier it gets – not the horror of cheap monsters, but the true fear of fatalistic existence.” - Tom Shapira, Alilon

Interview with Director Patrick Meaney on Unseen Films

Cast: Amber Benson, Kaytlin Borgen, Morgan Peter Brown, Chloe Dykstra, Dove Meir, Whitney Moore, Tiffany Smith, Jeff Torres

Written and Directed by Patrick Meaney

Produced by Jordan Rennert, Jordan Byrne, Brian Townes, Patrick Meaney

Shot by Jordan Rennert